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UNSEENBALITOURS is the unique tour company to explore all of the hidden treasures of Northern (Buleleng) and Eastern Bali (Karangasem and Bangli). The best Bali has to offer is to be found here: the most dramatic landscapes with all the highest mountains, mountain range, volcanoes, volcano lakes and cascading rice terraces of Bali are all here. The very touristic South – 90% of all tourists to Bali stay in the extreme southern part – is rather flat, with lean slopes culminating in the highest active volcanoes, Mt. Agung and Mt. Batur, both located in the North-East, with steep northern slopes. Unseenbalitours starts its excursions from the North, in close proximity of the mountains, volcanoes, crater lakes and astonishing temples rarely visited by tourists (due to their distance from Kuta)

Historically, the capital of the Majapahit dynasty was established in Klungkung in the 14 th century and was the “basis” for the kings of Bali for the next two centuries, till the Dutch arrived by the end of the 16 th century and established their capital in Singaraja. Trade and culture therefore blossomed in the North and East of Bali, but escaped the tourist invasion of South Bali, starting in the late seventies with a handful of cultural tourists and hippies, followed by mass tourism since the beginning of the 21 st century with now nearly 3 million foreign and 5 million domestic tourists a year – 90% of which stays in the deep South – whom are offered “cultural packages” to the nearby temples and tourist markets. The western part of Bali (Jembrana) has remained very lightly populated throughout history and is rarely visited as it has only very few interesting spots, with the exception of a vast natural park.

North and East Bali has retained all of its magic, as it has so far been spared by mass tourism. The three Bali Aga villages (the “original” Balinese who were in Bali long before the Hindus from Java fled the Muslim rule in the 14th century) that “resist” modernization to a certain extend are all located in Unseenbalitours area of operation and all three can be visited.

All Tours are accompanied by a booklet that contains detailed explanation of each location we visit, as well as a detailed map and time table of the tour, with some practical hints.

For all practical information, see the Q&A section.