3.4.2     South-North via Mother Temple and Mt. Agung
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This transfer-tour will take you through the Eastern interior of Bali to the North.

One hour after departure from the South, we reach the historic town of Klunkung, aka Semarapura, where we visit the royal palace, residence and judicial royal court for a one hour visit.
From there, we go uphill on the southern slopes of Mt. Agung through the magnificent rice terraces of Sidemen and we stay on the road going to the west around Mt. Agung, before we reach the road that takes us higher up the volcano to Besakih, the Mother Temple, the holiest temple in Bali. After visiting the temple, there is time for a quick lunch in one of the many restaurants.
Then we proceed to the next, second biggest volcano in Bali, Mt. Batur.  On the edge of the old crater, there are great views of the crater lake and we stop in the village of Kintamani where we visit a very large Hindu temple.

Then we keep going higher to Penulisan, our last stop and the highest point in Bali accessible by car. It is high staircase to visit the

This tour takes you from your accommodation in the South or directly from Denpasar airport to the North.

The first stop is Ubud. Temples, art galleries, markets, handicrafts, restaurants abound. The most cultural and artistic town in Bali. Location of “Eat, Pray and Love” movie. The driver will drop you at the market. The market is worth a visit as there are plenty of handicrafts, paintings, sarongs, clothes and jewelry for sale. In front of the market is the former royal palace and nearby a few temples. Then the driver will take you to the Monkey Forest. Ubud has a very large choice of restaurants for lunch.

From there it takes another 45 minutes before you reach Kintamani, a town on the edge of the Mt. Batur crater lake, where we visit very large Hindu temple with fabulous views over Mt. Batur and Lake Batur.

The last stop is Penulisan, the highest point in Bali accessible by car, where we visit the highest temple in Bali, with magnificent views of the Bali Sea. Pura Penulisan is 1745m above sea level, and was built around the 9th century. An old stairway leads to the top of the hill. During a clear day, the view is breathtaking. The temple is even more romantic and mysterious when covered in a foggy mist.
From there it’s all downhill on the steepest road in Bali that plunges towards the Bali Sea for about another 45 minutes till we reach our final destination

Practical Information about this tour
Departure:   8.00 AM      
Arrival: 17.30 PM             
 9 hours 30’
Not included: entrance fees, donations, lunch, drinks