3.4.1     South-North through Karangasem
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This transfer-tour will take you along the eastern coast of Bali to the North.

One hour after departure from the South, we reach the historic town of Klunkung, aka Semarapura, where we visit the royal palace, residence and judicial royal court for a one hour visit.
We then move on along the coastal road and first pay a short visit the Bat Cave, before continuing to Tenganan, the most famous (and most visited) Bali Aga Village for about one hour. Before the 1970s it was known to be one of the most secluded societies of the archipelago. Rapid changes have occurred in the village since the 70's, such as the development of local communications by the central government and the opening up to tourism. Tenganan has retained its unique Bali Aga culture that still holds to the original traditions, ceremonies and rules of ancient Bali, and has a unique village layout and architecture.
We continue to the North and stop for half an hour at Ujung, the water palace by the sea, before making a longer stop in Amlapura, the old royal capital where we visit the royal palace and residence.
A short ride from there will take us to Tittra Gangga, the most beautiful water palace in Bali, on the hill with superb views over Lombok. There is a nice restaurant within the palace compound, overlooking the water palace, where we can have a late lunch. Time to relax, explore the water palace and take a swim.
We then leave around 4 PM for the final leg along the northern coast to our destination.

Practical Information about this tour
Departure:   8.00 AM                     
Arrival: 17.30 PM             
 9 hours 30’
Not included: entrance fees, donations, lunch, drinks