2.4     Volcanoes and the Mother Temple
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This tour takes you around Bali’s two highest and active volcanoes, Mt. Batur and Mt. Agung. Visit temples, a water palace, royal palace and residence, go into Mt. Agung crater to the crater lake, enjoy hot springs and fresh water pools.


This tour starts at 7.00 AM and takes you first to the highest point in Bali accessible by car, where we make a first stop to visit the highest (altitude) temple in Bali, Pura Penulisan.
Next stop is the very large temple complex in Kintamani, on the edge of Mt. Batur crater, from where we descend into the crater
We follow the western shore and make a stop at the Hot Water Springs till noon.
We go back to the edge and continue southwards, before we climb up the slopes of the sacred Mt Agung, Bali’s highest volcano (2765 mtr) where we visit Bali’s most sacred temple, the Mother Temple, in Besakih, where lunch can be taken.
Then we continue eastwards along the slopes of Mt. Agung till we reach Amlapura to visit the last royal palace and residence in Bali.
After a short drive, we reach Tittra Gangga, a magnificent water palace where we have time to explore the whole complex, take a rest or go for a swim in the fresh water pools.
We leave before sunset and go along the northern slope of Mt. Agung, before we reach our accommodation.

This is our most spectacular day trip

Practical Information about this tour
Departure:  7.00 AM               Return: 18.30 PM
Not included: entrance fees, donations, lunch, drinks